At Mellow Grove, the vibes don’t stop with boards and gear. We’re constantly looking to collaborate with organizations & people that have a vision for a future of blue oceans, clear skies, and stoked boarders!

Love Blue Inc.

MellowGrove x Love Blue

Love Blue is a nonprofit organization that was formed by a group of lifeguards and surfers who have a vision of changing the world. Being on the beach everyday, we see the effects of ocean and beach pollution constantly. From surfing all of our lives and being around the ocean we grew a love for it. When we were age eligible, some of us decided to chase after our dream job as lifeguards. Being a lifeguard gives you a whole different perspective on the beaches and oceans. The love for the ocean and beach grew even fonder, but we opened our eyes to a bigger problem, our oceans and beaches are rapidly decaying. Ocean and Beach pollution is overlooked and its destroying our oceans ecosystems at a staggering rate. According to conservation international, eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. That’s about 17.6 billion pounds or the equivalent of nearly 57,000 blue whales, every single year. There’s so much debris in the sea that the waste has formed into giant garbage patches. There are five of them around the world, and the largest, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, includes an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of trash and covers an area twice the size of Texas. According to studies, by 2050 ocean plastic will outweigh all of the ocean’s fish. Our goal is to eliminate the chances of this happening at all. We want to change the way people think. Through our beach demonstrations we will be able to teach the general public and our volunteers on ocean/beach consciousness, driving them to use more sustainable practices and proper disposal of their trash. We are trying to build relationships within the community in an effort to join as one to take on this problem we are all affected by. We don’t plan on just cleaning the beach, we will work with coastal town officials, government officials, and different sustainable and eco friendly companies on different projects within the communities and their beaches to eliminate the problem where it starts. Love Blue relies on donations to help push us closer to our mission of removing trash properly from beaches and spreading awareness on beach/ocean pollution all over the world. Will you donate today to help keep our oceans clean and safe for all life?

Mellow Grove x Love Blue

We are currently working on a handful of upcycling/repurposing projects with trash collected from Love Blue beach cleanups. Our goal is to repurpose as much waste as possible; directly into the manufacturing process of our products. We are repurposing the waste collected from Love Blue & their volunteers beach cleanup efforts; into tangible quality products that we can introduce into the market.

Mellow Grove and Love Blue are utilizing their unique partnership to create a new approach to the products that are sold within various markets; with a major focus on the Surf & Skate Industry. 

Repurposing/Upcycling Projects with Love Blue:

  •  Skateboard Rails / Material: HPDE Caps and Plastic Jugs
  • Longboard Sliding Pucks / Material: HPDE Caps and Plastic Jugs
  • Cigarette Infused Upcycled Surfboard / Material: Cigarette Butts